Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lake Hillier - Australia

   Lake Hillier is located on the largest island of the Australian Rechercher Archipelago , Middle Island ( Western Australia ).

  What makes this lake so attractive is its amazing rose pink color .

  The lakes color is permanent but the scientists still don’t know the reason behind this strange phenomena.
Some think the color is due to the microorganisms that dwell in the salty water.
   The 600 meter long lake is separated by the ocean by a narrow strip of sand , and is surrounded by dense Paperbark and Eucalyptus forests  that really make the lake stand out , you could say lake Hillier is a pink gem in a sea of green and blue , and amazing natural wonder of Australia.

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Blue Grotto - Italy

   The Blue grotto is a natural cave located in the north-western part of the Italian island of Capri.

   The cave entrance is quite small and can only be done by boat , but once inside tourists discover a very spacious chamber.

   What is unique about this cave is the 1,5 meters wide hole on the wall that allows sunlight into the cave thus giving the water it’s incredible color of almost glowing blue.
  Although it is now one of Capri’s most visited sites , locals used to avoid it as it was thought to be the inhabited by witches and sea monsters.

   It seems the cave was discovered a long time ago since in the early 1800s numerous marble statues along with a landing spot were found inside.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rodna Mountains - Romania

   Rodna Mountains , are located in the Northern part of Romania , and even if they are not the tallest mountains in Romania they are among the most spectacular ones.
   The mountains run from East to West for about 50 kilometers and feature glacial valleys , glacial lakes , caves and a small population of the highly endangered Black Goat ( Rupicapra Rupicapra ) .
   The Rodna Mountains are the tallest mountains of the specific region with the highest peak ( Pietrosul ) at 2303 meters.
   The trail to Pietrosul peak starts in the North in the town of Borsa and can lead tourists , through amazing forests and harsh alpine scrub .
   Once on the peak , tourists will set eyes on an amazing panorama , you literally feel on top of the world.
   As the whole area is considered a natural reservation ,starting a camp fire or chopping wood is forbidden , except for a small patch of land near the Iezer lake where you can camp and make fire providing you have your own fire wood.
   The whole route up and down the mountain should take about 16 hours for a large group , a bit less for a smaller one , what do you think....up for such a challenge ?

View From Pietrosul Peak

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gouffre de Padirac - France

  Gouffre de Padirac is a tourism arranged cave located near the French town of Gramat.
  Before entering the cave , tourists have to descend 75 meters by lift , or take the long way down by staircase through an opening over 30 meters wide.
  The cave itself lies at a depth of 103 meters , and as most of the caves , was formed by water erosion over time. It features thousands and thousands of stalactites and stalagmites , columns , mini lakes , lily pads , and other sorts of strange yet amazing and beautiful natural sculptures. 
  Tourists can explore the cave by foot or by boat as the cave is partly flooded by an underground river.
  The existence of the cave is well known starting with the 3rd century and it had been inhabited till the 15th and 16th centuries.
  So if you are planning a trip to France , be sure to include this cave on the objectives list.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Plitvice National Park - Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Croatia and has received UNESCO World Heritage status in 1979.

   The park is composed of sixteen inter-connected crystal clear lakes , and the surrounding woods having a total area of about 300 square kilometers.

   One of the most impressive aspects of the park is the color of the water which can vary from azure blue to an almost gray-ish tint in the winter , this is due to the change in mineral concentration and the fact that the lakes were carved out in limestone.
The spectacular waterfall system is another great attraction to the park , as they can vary from a height of just a few centimeters to over 70 meters .

   The park is open year round , and well arranged to accommodate a large number of tourists.

    Here , tourists have the opportunity to walk along the water’s edge and admire the thousands of fish that without no fear of humans stick around the pathways in hope of a free meal of bread , or you can admire the woodland wildlife which consists of deer , boars or rare bird species.
As an alternative to walking there is the opportunity of traveling by a panoramic train , or an electric boat that can get you across the largest lake. There is also a restaurant near the entrance where the hungry tourists can have a traditional Croatian meal.

   We can truly say that Plitvice National Park is one of Mother Nature’s fines achievements and a really worth visiting objective

What do you say? Do you think it is worth visiting? 

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